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Ortho-Tain offers an advanced orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth without braces. Ortho-Tain is quickly becoming a leader in teeth-straightening treatments.  More than 2 million satisfied clients have used Ortho-Tain to straighten their teeth without braces.  The treatment is quick and invisible.
Ortho-Tain advantages:
  • Straighten teeth with Nite-Guide® for the 5-7 year olds in months, with passive nighttime wear while sleeping, guiding the growth of permanent teeth into alignment. Occlus-o-Guide® for the 8-12 year old treatment lasts 4-10 months. Adult Ortho-T® appliances show results in 1-12 months.
  • Gently straighten teeth without braces and the discomfort of wires and bands.
  • Allows you to enjoy everyday activities, your favorite meals, and maintain excellent oral health.
  • Correct overbite, overjet, rotation, crowding, spacing, and align the joints for TMJ treatment.
  • Provide a healthy, attractive smile that naturally resists relapse for years to come!
  • Put advanced orthodontics affordably in your reach at about 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of braces or even the cost of Invisalign.
  • Enhance the smiles of adults, the mixed dentition age group (between 8-12), and children as young as age 5.
  • Shorten treatment time of traditional braces, retain and maintain correction, prevent snoring with a Snore-Cure® appliance, and protect enamel during sleep.
Making the right choice for you and your family in cosmetic dentistry is important. Here are a few factors to consider about Ortho-Tain:
  • Ideal cosmetic results
  • Faster treatment completion
  • Significantly reduced cost
  • Achieve your ideal bite easily, even in complex cases
  • Fewer office visits
 Please contact Uptown Smile with any questions you have about Ortho-Tain and schedule your consultation with us at (612) 822-1484!

Citation: www.orthotain.com

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