Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dental Anxiety and You.

Dental Anxiety and You

If you are like most people going to the dentist is not on your “things I love to do list.”  But for some people, the thought of going to the dentist can bring on such a fear that they avoid getting the dental care they need. In fact, nearly 15% percent of Americans avoid seeing a dentist due to fear. 

For those who get sweaty palms, or feel their stomach getting sick before their trip to the dentist, it is good to know that this type of fear can be easily managed, and is even preventable as dentists these days focus much more on the comfort of their patients.  Technology has also advanced so far as many procedures are of a shorter duration than those of the past.

Ways to Manage and Prevent Anxiety for Your Next Dental Visit
Choose a dentist that you TRUST and communicate with them.  Remember that your dentist is also a patient, too!  Talking about your fears and anxieties will allow your dentist to listen and address your specific concerns and be gentle with you in those areas.  Use hand signals during the procedures to let your dentist know what is making you uncomfortable.

Daydream away!  Use your imagination and picture a place that makes you relaxed.  This can be a beach or by the lake, taking a walk in nature or being with someone you love.  Find a focus that creates a relaxing environment until the procedure is done.

Give yourself plenty of time.  Schedule an appointment for a time when you're less likely to be rushed, such as early morning, evening or weekend.

Create your own sound environment.  You may be bothered by the sounds drills or scraping, if so, bring an mp3 player or ipod and listen to your favorite music.

It could very well be that the unknown is what you fear, so don’t be afraid to ask questions before a procedure and make sure that your dentist does everything he or she can to make you feel comfortable during your visit. And getting regular dental care is vital to not only your oral health, but also your overall health, so it's well worth the effort.


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